Being a strategic partner to clients means taking the time to understand their business and the industry-specific challenges they face—and then applying that knowledge to help them manage risk, identify opportunity, and move ahead of the competition.

Industry Focus

We have deep experience serving clients in a number of industry sectors. We have formed internal teams that invest in analyzing those industries to thoroughly understand the business, competitive, and regulatory challenges they face, and to help our attorneys develop a more holistic understanding of our clients and their needs. These teams comprise professionals across practice areas and offices, resulting in a multi-dimensional approach that enables us to leverage the considerable skill and experience of lawyers throughout the firm to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Business and Competitive Intelligence

We invest time and resources to stay ahead of industry trends and abreast of important legal and business developments. Our Research and Information Center is home to a team of researchers that uses innovative technical tools to arm our legal professionals with business intelligence that enables us to spot issues and trends and to propose innovative and effective legal and business strategies and solutions.

Strategic Account Management

Ballard Spahr's Strategic Account Management (SAM) initiative ensures that we listen carefully and respond effectively to our clients. Our multi-disciplinary SAM teams foster, enhance, and expand our trusted client relationships through a holistic approach to client service. Our focus is not on our internal legal capabilities and what we can sell, but on what our clients need to succeed and how we can help them. Lawyers work together in industry- and client-centered teams to deepen their understanding of the client's business, strategic, and operational goals, to examine the specific challenges they face, and to deliver effective solutions.

Data Analytics

The firm has developed a proprietary technology platform to collect and evaluate important data on each matter. Our tools enable us to capture information about the level of complexity and legal issues involved as well as information about opposing counsel, the court and jurisdiction, timing considerations, and related rulings. We share this information with our clients to help guide them in making decisions about legal strategy for particular matters, and to spot patterns and trends that will help our clients reduce overall legal costs going forward.


Melissa Prince
Chief Client Value Officer
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Suzette F. Allaire
Chief Innovation Officer
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Virginia G. Essandoh
Chief Diversity Officer
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John H. Harbison
Director of Research & Information Center
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Mark C. Langdon
Executive Director
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Melissa R. Margulies
Client Service and Professional Development Counsel
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Dennis M. O'Malley
Client Value Partner

Mary Gay Scanlon
Pro Bono Counsel
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Amy T. Shepherd

Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer
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Kim A. Wismer
Chief Information Officer
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