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Edward J. McAndrew is a counselor, investigator, and trial lawyer who helps clients navigate life in the digital world. He is the Co-Practice Leader of the firm's Privacy and Data Security Group and the Leader of its national Cyber Incident Response Team.

Named a "Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Trailblazer" by The National Law Journal, Ed helps clients manage cyber risk, comply with legal requirements and industry standards, prepare for and respond to cyber incidents, and handle related investigations and litigation. Major substantive areas of his practice include cybersecurity, digital privacy, social media, online speech, commercial, employment, intellectual property, corporate governance, regulatory, and criminal matters. He also advises clients on cyber-based national security issues, as well as governmental demands for data and assistance in investigations. He focuses his pro bono work on assisting individual and nonprofit victims of cybercrimes.

Prior to joining Ballard Spahr, Ed served for nearly a decade as a federal cybercrime prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney's Offices for the Eastern District of Virginia and for the District of Delaware. As a Cybercrime Coordinator and National Security Cyber Specialist, Ed developed extensive experience in investigations and litigation involving hacking and other cyberattacks; digital espionage; cyberstalking; threats and extortion; identity and intellectual property theft; terrorism and domestic extremism; financial, government contracting, and tax fraud; money laundering; export control violations; obstruction of justice; online child exploitation; and human, narcotics, and firearms trafficking. He has handled a multitude of high-profile, complex and sensitive investigations, trials and appeals—many involving cutting-edge legal and technological issues.

Ed serves by appointment as Co-Chair of the Delaware Supreme Court's Commission on Law and Technology, which has developed leading practices and educational programs relating to cybersecurity and digital privacy for lawyers and legal services organizations.

He is an avid commentator, presenter, and author on legal issues related to cybersecurity, digital privacy, cybercrime, computer forensics, and Internet safety.

Representative Matters

  • Defense of a global retailer in a data breach class action resulting from a payment card breach.
  • Investigation and response to advanced persistent cyberattacks on a global business technology company.
  • Representation of an employee benefits organization in the investigation of and response to a web-based, payroll re-direction attack.
  • Representation of a large financial institution in a data breach impacting customers in more than 30 states.
  • Representation of an online retailer in a malware attack impacting consumers in every state.
  • Investigation and response to a ransomware attack on a legal services organization.
  • Representation of a financial services company in a data breach impacting consumers in 33 states and resulting in state attorneys general investigations.
  • Representation of a multi-national life sciences corporation in a federal criminal investigation and litigation relating to the theft of over $1 billion in intellectual property by internal and external cyber actors located in multiple countries.
  • Representation of federal defense contractor in criminal and national security investigations relating to nation-state cyberattacks targeting export-controlled intellectual property.
  • Representation of domestic violence and crime victims' rights organizations as amicus in defending the federal cyberstalking statute against First Amendment challenges.
  • Counseling financial services, employee benefits, media, manufacturing, technology, nonprofit, and higher education organizations on cybersecurity risk management, regulatory and industry standard compliance, and cyber incident response planning.
  • Counseling clients in responding to cyber incidents involving ransomware attacks and business email compromises resulting in fraudulent wire transfers and exposure of sensitive information.
  • Defense of an online retailer in computer fraud and intellectual property theft litigation.
  • Defense of an online marketing organization in data breach litigation.
  • Representation of a manufacturing company in civil litigation and criminal litigation relating to hacking and cyber-theft of intellectual property by a competitor.
  • Defense of fraud and breach of fiduciary duty litigation against an international digital entertainment streaming service in the Delaware Court of Chancery.
  • Counseling and representation of multiple organizations, officers, and employees relating to technology facilitated defamation, extortion, online threats, and other criminal activity.
  • Successfully represented publicly traded media company in arbitrations involving more than $500 million in broadcasting, intellectual property, advertising, and corporate ownership rights relating to digital media technology.
  • Secured one of the first decisions under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act dismissing privacy and defamation claims against a website for publishing third-party content.
  • Successfully represented multiple defendants and a prominent private membership organization in high-profile litigation of discrimination, defamation, and related claims by an expelled member associated with domestic extremist groups.
  • Litigated through U.S. Supreme Court appeal a successful First Amendment challenge to the federal commercial casino advertising ban.
  • Conducted an internal investigation and represented an organization in a government investigation of FCPA issues in the insurance industry.
  • Conducted an internal investigation and represented a technology company in a government investigation of export control violations.
  • Represented the target of a grand jury investigation relating to a large-scale environmental spill.
  • Represented private entities in election fraud litigation relating to a ballot referendum on casino gambling.
  • Represented an online advertising business in cybersquatting and trademark infringement actions.
  • Conducted an internal investigation relating to government program fraud for a nonprofit organization's board of directors.

Prosecutorial Experience

  • First U.S. prosecution of a foreign hacker for theft of trade secrets from American companies. Coordinated multi-national investigations and successful prosecutions of members of international hacking and data theft conspiracy that breached the networks of technology companies and the U.S. Army over a period of three years, stealing tens of thousands of identities and intellectual property valued in the billions of dollars.
  • First U.S. prosecution of a Chinese national for cybercrime committed entirely from China. Convicted member of international cybercrime organization of cyber-theft and online distribution of more than $100 million in sensitive, industrial-grade software owned by more than 200 technology companies to buyers in 28 states and more than 60 countries. One of the longest prison sentences in U.S. history for cyber-theft of intellectual property.
  • First U.S. convictions for cyberstalking resulting in death. Convicted three members of multi-year cyberstalking conspiracy focused on four children and resulting in the murders of two women in the lobby of Delaware’s largest courthouse.
  • Convicted "chief scientist" of defense and law enforcement contractor of cybercrime conspiracy involving use of cracked software obtained from Chinese cybercriminals to design components used in Marine One presidential helicopters, Blackhawk helicopters, Patriot missiles, police radar and breath analysis equipment.
  • Convicted NASA scientist of cybercrime conspiracy involving uploading of cracked software obtained from Chinese cybercriminals onto NASA computer network.
  • Convicted website operator of cyber-theft and online distribution of more than 24,000 copies of software products manufactured by at least 80 companies to thousands of customers.
  • Investigated money laundering and Bank Secrecy Act violations involving the use of stolen intellectual property to unlawfully mine, commoditize, and sell virtual currencies on black markets.
  • Investigated and prosecuted numerous individuals for online child exploitation crimes, including:

    • United States Secret Service officer stationed at the White House;

    • Teachers, university professors, and other school/university employees;

    • Youth group leaders, camp counselors, football, basketball, baseball, and soccer coaches;

    • Priests, ministers, and other church employees;

    • Health care providers and lawyers in government and private practice;

    • Employees, including senior executives, of various types of companies;

    • Local, state, and federal law enforcement officers and senior managers;

    • Active duty military personnel deployed in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom; and

    • Senior military and intelligence personnel and contractors stationed at the Pentagon, CIA, Dover Air Force Base, and abroad.
  • Conducted international investigation into a series of DDoS attacks against major financial institutions.
  • Investigated data breaches and theft of hundreds of thousands of identities from multiple financial, educational, and governmental computer networks by foreign-based hackers.
  • Investigated data breaches of IT enterprise solutions and cloud services provider resulting in the compromise of systems and confidential and proprietary information for at least 50 entities and hundreds of millions of personal users.
  • Convicted members of large-scale, Internet-based tax fraud conspiracy centered on electronic submission of more than 450 tax returns using more than 60 different Internet service accounts and 130 financial accounts. Total losses to the United States of approximately $8 million in one year.
  • Convicted leader of identity theft and bank fraud conspiracy involving computer-facilitated check fraud using more than 200 stolen identities.
  • Investigated entity and individuals for International Traffic in Arms regulatory violations involving Internet-based exports of technology relating to a U.S. Navy contract.
  • Convicted individual in witness intimidation and obstruction of justice case involving use of mobile device and Facebook to threaten government witness in murder-for-hire and drug trafficking trial. Arrest made in courtroom during trial.
  • Successfully litigated media “right of access” issues relating to courtroom testimony and evidence presentation in cybercrime trials.
  • Prosecuted cyberstalking and Internet threat campaign involving e-mail account hijacking and online defamation and dissemination of private, explicit videos.
  • Convicted disgruntled employee of domestic terrorism offense for mailing fake anthrax to the headquarters of a prominent media organization.
  • Investigated hacking into financial institution servers and theft of millions of dollars in customer funds.
  • Investigated hacking and hijacking of retail business website by former third-party vendor.
  • Investigated unauthorized access to food supplier’s computer network from shipping port.
  • Led international online undercover investigations focused on the infiltration of “dark web” networks.
  • Convicted owner and operator of construction company of decade-long tax fraud involving loss of more than $2 million.
  • Investigated anonymous online threats to public officials and federal employees.

Judicial Clerkships

Hon. Collins J. Seitz, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, Wilmington, Del., 1996-1997

Professional Activities

Law360 — Member, Cybersecurity & Privacy Editorial Advisory Board

American Bar Association – Member, Litigation, Criminal Justice and Business Law Sections, Communications Law Forum

Supreme Court of Delaware, Commission on Law & Technology – Co-Chair

Delaware Bankers Association, Cybersecurity Committee

The Catholic University of America – Member, Law School Alumni Council

Recognition & Accomplishments

The Legal 500 US, Finance - Financial Services: Regulatory, 2017

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Trailblazer,The National Law Journal, 2015

Director's Special Recognition Award, Federal Bureau of Investigation, December 2015

Exemplary Partnership Award, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations, February 2015

Director’s Award, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, November 2013

Assistant Attorney General’s Award for Outstanding Advocacy in Protecting Citizens from Online Crime, U.S. Department of Justice, November 2008


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Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law (J.D., magna cum laude, 1995)
Editor-in-Chief, Catholic University Law Review

The College of New Jersey (B.A., cum laude, 1992)


District of Columbia

New Jersey