David A. Barksdale

Mr. Barksdale will moderate a panel that will discuss:

  • How is the composition of the CRE finance market changing and what are the implications? Will we see a continued rise in peer-to-peer lending? Is foreign capital still pouring in? Is it a lenders or borrowers market today?
  • With the CMBS market undergoing a radical shift, what will be the impact on finance from that channel? CMBS 3.0: What will this look like and how robust will this market be?
  • With continued pullback and uncertainty in senior lending, what does this mean for the cost of capital? For the lenders who will be filling the void? To what extent will mezzanine help fill the financing gap with risk retention regulations now in place?
  • With interest rate hikes expected, how are lenders approaching interest rate risk mitigation in financing strategies?
  • The Wall of Maturities: What is the latest status?
  • Who’s calling who?: Are the banks calling the shots/originating full stacks, or are the mezz/sub debt lenders calling the shots, quoting the whole stack and selling A Notes? Who’s buying these A Notes? What are hot buttons on structure/pricing for these A Notes?
  • Senior mezz: Who’s buying? Who’s pricing tight vs. market? What groups are using leverage against senior mezz to increase their IRR?
  • Asset class/geo snapshot: What is/isn’t getting financing? Which geos are still healthy vs. which are a concern?

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